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Child Support in Cobb

Child Support Modification for Cobb County, Georgia

Many parents seek child support modification in Cobb County each year. If you are in need of modifying your child support, it is important that you follow the legal process. Below you will find the information to help you along the way, including details about what a child support modification is, when it is filed, and how you can go about filing one.

Quick Facts About Child Support Modification in Cobb County:

  • Child support modification can be filed if it has been two years since a judge signed an order for the child support, unless your original order has never been modified.
  • The child support modification in Cobb County is filed at the Superior Court. The Child Support Modification packet is available online.
  • It is advisable to have an attorney represent you if your case will be contested, you cannot find the person who needs to be served, you feel you may lose custody of your children, or you suspect that the other person may not want to cooperate with providing information.
  • Those who are seeking a reduction in child support payments will need to provide the last three months’ worth of their pay stubs.
  • Those seeking an increase in child support payments must call the Respondent as a witness to ask about how much money they have now, as compared to when the original child support had been issued.
  • A child support modification is filed in Cobb County if that is where the opposing party resides.

Forms Needed for Child Support Modification in Cobb County

  • Petition for Modification of Child Support
  • Verification
  • Rule Nisi
  • Summons
  • Sheriff’s Entry of Service

Reasons to File Child Support Modification

Those who feel there should be a change in their child support should consider filing a modification. Some of the reasons may include wanting to seek more child support, ask for a reduction in child support, if there has been a change in one’s financial status since the original order, etc. Some of the reasons that people seek a modification include someone losing their job, getting a pay cut, getting a higher paying job, etc. If you have questions regarding whether or not you should seek a child support modification, you should consult with attorney who can review the facts of your case in detail.

Child Support Modification Process in Cobb County

It is important for those filing a child support modification in Cobb County that they complete all of the paperwork accurately and they file it according to the Superior Court’s process. The process includes filling out all of the necessary forms, making a copy of the original child support order and attaching it to the Petition for Modification, making sure all documents are in the correct order, and then filing with the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk’s Office. Upon filing, you will be given a court date and time that you will need to attend. You will also need to provide the Sheriff’s Department with a copy of the filing package so they can serve the other party. There will be a filing fee at both the Superior Court and at the Sheriff’s Department. Contact their offices for the most current filing fee.

Should you hire an attorney or file yourself?

While the forms for filing for a child support modification in Cobb County are readily available online, there are many people who should consider consulting with an attorney. It is important that all forms are completed accurately and thoroughly for them to be considered. An attorney will ensure that the entire process is filed accurately. Many people find that they can save a lot of time and stress by working with an attorney who is familiar with the process.

There are other cases where people may need to work with an attorney in order to have their child support modification filed. This is especially true if the case is contested, your ex-spouse is not being cooperative, you fear there could be custody loss issues, or the child and the custodial parent do not live in Georgia. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you may be able to get assistance through Georgia Legal Aid and by contacting the State Bar of Georgia to inquire about pro bono attorneys.